It was 1965 when our father, John Dunn, realized his goal to start his own oil business.  With a single oil truck and a service van, John ran a one-man operation from his home in Maynard, delivering oil and servicing burners.  His wife, (our Mom) Lee, worked beside him as secretary and bookkeeper.  They knew all their customers by name; and still do to this day!

John worked from morning until night, often seven days a week.  Though exhausted at times, he was always ready to answer any emergencies.  We can even remember him working from his bed while sick with pneumonia; surrounded by oil tickets, determined that his customers would get their deliveries on time!  Last year at this time, many of you know he was severely ill with Lyme Disease, and yet, he continued to labor over the cares and concerns for all of our Dunn Oil customers.

In 1973, John doubled the size of the company by purchasing Maynard Co-op Oil.  He moved from his home to a little office on Main Street, then again up to Acton Street, and finally to our present location on Euclid Avenue. 

John is still hard at work making sure the company runs smoothly and that jobs are performed with the same level of personal attention that marked the early years. 

And if the name Dunn Oil Company has become legendary for good service among the people of this area, we owe it all to John Dunn, our boss, father and friend! 

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